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1972 was the start of our breeding and training program.  Gene worked for professional handler Tom Burke, preforming in American Field trials, while producing some nice Field Champions. In 1988,  Vallivue Sporting Dogs began, continuing on raising and trialing English Pointers, with adding a new breed to the mix, Labradors. Adding guiding into his training program  at an Orvis endorsed lodge in Oregon. 

Vallivue's training program is not only for the dogs but also the owners. As the dog arrives at Vallivue Sporting Dogs, it settles in for a couple of days with an evaluation of the dog to assess the stage he/she is at. We discuss with the owners training options catered to your dog; Gun Dog, Obedience, and specialty training are our main focus. All through the training, pictures and videos of training are sent. When time comes  to go home, Vallivue will demonstrate how the dog works and how to use the training once home. Then it is the owners turn to learn how to work the newly trained dog. Vallivue coaches the owner with the correct way to handle the newly trained dog.  The training does not stop once you leave; the dog learns by repetition, so the owner will need to continue to train. Vallivue is available to help or answer any questions once the dog goes home. Vallivue builds confidence in a dog so he can do his job and become a team with his owner. Vallivue has a way with dogs that amazes a lot of people.

In 2000 Vallivue started a breeding program for English Cockers. Our breeding goal is to produce great family companions, that can hunt or compete in any venue you choose. Through our program we spend many hours’ researching the lineage of our dogs along with health testing. The dogs that we breed live with us as our family pets; so we can enjoy them as much as you do.

With years of training experience combined with passion, some say Gene can talk Dog!!! Send us an email or give us a call. We would love to talk dogs or help you with your training needs.

Vallivue Sporting Dogs
Our facility at Vallivue Sporting Dogs, is designed especially for the dogs. Dogs have private runs with cozy dog house that are secure inside of a large arena, each night they are tucked in a warm crate. These dogs have so much personality they enjoy telling us when its feeding time and defiantly if we are late. The facility is set on a private drive overlooking a grass meadow. There is large grass field and a pond for play time, along with indoor space to play and socialize with one another. The dogs enjoy our training camp and go home with a smile.
Our training program here at Vallivue Sporting Dogs is Gun Dog and basic obedience with input from the owner on what their training goals are for their dog. Puppies are started with a goal in mind of a finished dog. What you teach at a young age will be expanded onto a finished dog. Gene has a passion for training dogs, and you can tell it by the way the dogs react to him. They are always looking forward to seeing him even if they had a difficult training session. Gene has a way with dogs that is firm but gentle. He has the patience so the dogs can take their time at learning.  They clearly adore Gene. Dogs should love their jobs, and the only way to do that is with a successful training program developed over the years.

Basic Obedience

Basic skills & manners to meet desired goals

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Basic Gun Dog

They learn to learn at this age. Puppies started with a goal of a finished dog.

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Intermediate Gun Dog

What you teach at a young age will be expanded on to be a finished dog.

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Specialty Training

Troubleshooting a problem or focused training

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What is needed for Check In

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Trochry STE Devote (Lizzy)

Gun Dog, Family Companion

Lizzy UK import, Natural waterdog, Natural gun dog, She is calm and very willing to please, Her get have proven to be great companion (couch potatoes) and hunting dogs.

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Vallivue Dawn

Guide Dog & Family Companion

Used as a guide dog from Oregon to Georgia, Loves Water, Very Intelligent, Very aware of her surroundings, Bird hunting machine, Loves her people,

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Vallivue Rose

Up and Coming Star

Rose is showing very strong hunting skills and intelligence. She will come in and sit on your lap and relax but put her in the field and she turns into a machine. Loves water , very biddable.

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Vallivue Peanut Butter

Hunting/Guide Dog and Family companion

Guide dog from Oregon to Georgia, Pedigree of National Field Champions to Field Champions, Highly Intelligent, Very Driven, Gene's Best friend, His pups are very biddable, and develop at a early age.

Salmon Creek Leroy at Vallivue

Leroy is our next Star


Vallivue Annie

Annie is a started gun dog.

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Vallivue Sweetie Pea

Started Pointing Gun Dog

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We are very excited about 2022 we are expecting some great litters. We are expecting a repeat litter with Vallivue Peanut Butter and Vallivue Dawn. 
Dawn and Peanut Butter had their puppies on Jan 26th. They had 8 beautiful pups, 6 males and 2 females. Lots of color. We have 2 beautiful white and black roan male pups left.  The pups are ready to go to their furever home. Please email or text us if you are interested. 
Training Tips Training Tips Training Tips 
Upland Bird season has started in most areas in Washington. It is never to late to do a refresher on your hunting dogs so they will be ready for cooler hunting weather.
Pre Season Conditioning: make sure you and your dog are in good condition. Take plenty of water, keep an eye on their feet for sores or tenderness. Excess panting and wobbling can be a sign of over heating or heat stroke. Wet your dogs down to help cool them off.

Go for walks with a roading harness and let them pull to get their lungs and muscles in shape. If you have the facilities or area to be able to let you cockers run free that will also get them in shape while work on their handling commands. You will also get in shape while conditioning your dogs.

Thanks, let us know if you have any questions, email ( is best to contact us.
Keep an eye on our web site for our next training tip or story.

Driven Pheasants at Highland Hills Ranch With Chris Batha


"Mr. Barnhart, experienced and affable, proved a wonderful companion as his dogs explored for birds."

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Filson Blog on Gun Dog training


Gene Barnhart has been training world-class bird dogs for over forty-five years. Gene’s love of working dogs runs deep, and he’s handled them his entire life, hunting Beagles in his early years and then moving to Pointers. Ensure success in the field this year using his dog training primer in this blog.

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Send us a quick note on what you are looking for, puppies, training or stud dogs. We will reply as soon as we can, usually within 24 hours. Please let us know how you would like us to reply, email, text or phone call. Thanks Vallivue Sporting Dogs Gene & Vicki Barnhart 360-798-0325 Gene Cell